Page 26

Seems the gassing didn’t work, uh-oh… over the main image there’ll be ongoing chatter from the soldiers with frame 2 showing Libby shocked at what she’s hearing. As she’s remotely controlling Robbie we then see her telling the chopper pilot to get her in to the action in the final frame.

The next page will the last of chapter 3, once that’s done I’ll be going over the artwork from the chapter and putting in the lettering.

Hope you like the new page, any thoughts or suggestions please post below.



Hello 2013!!

So after a month away I’ve been feverishly working on the next page for the past couple of weeks, and here it is!!:

In this page we see The East Group gassing  their experiment and The Company’s soldier trying to take the lab assistant into custody and then killing him once fired upon.

I really enjoyed drawing this page and while it has taken longer with the extra detail and stylised smoke I feel it’s been worth it.

I’d be interested to get your thought’s on the new page so please leave any comments below.



It’s alive… it’s live!!!

Here’s the page for you, we have the East Group running their experiment and it not going quite as well as they’d hoped.


I’m away for a bit over the holiday period so Merry Christmas and Happy New year:)

I look forward to posting the next page in 2013:)



Dr. Sketchy!!

Gavin Mouldey over at Dittybox has been a bit busy becoming a daddy so he asked me to fill in with this months Dr. Sketchy Wellington poster.

As we all know, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without pole dancers, so if you’re in Wellington on Sat 8th Dec come down to Mighty Mighty for some seasonal pole dancing and sketchy goodness:)


Free Falling Double Page Awesomeness!!

Okay so here’s the next page, well pages.

This is a double page spread of the army chap diving in to the fight, there’ll be a bit of comms from the rest of his team telling him it’s all going rather well. Next page we’ll be back in the lab before the shit really hits the fan.

I’ve also included the thumbnails I did as I tried to sort out the composition, eventually going for a bit a mix up from a couple of them.

Hope you like, if you have any questions or comments please post them below 🙂



Are we there yet?

So here (finally) is page 21 where we see The Company’s soldiers and the Libby controlled Robot (Robbie) on the way to The East Groups Labs to cause a bit of trouble.

I’ve started using thumbnails to preplan the page layouts so I figured I’d include them as an alternative to the original full detail pencils which I no longer do… these are really loose and quick and I’ll do a few of them before settling on the final layout. They’re also pretty small, 4 or 8 to an A4 page.

With the page itself I have again tried to use some various techniques in an attempt to improve the look.

This time around I’ve been playing around with various highlighting options, the chopper in the first panel being a good example.

Let me know what you think:)

As always any and all feedback is most appreciated.



Bellypoppers and updates!

So I’ve recently redone the artwork for the first chapter up to standard with the second and printed of a couple of copies to see how this thing will look and feel as an actual comic/ graphic novel. Gotta say it feels great actually having a copy in hand rather than reading everything on a screen… nice! It’s really given me a lift about this project and a wanting to get stuck right in, not that there was any lack of enthusiasm of course, now there’s just a shed load more:)

Here’s an example of the updated artwork:


Anyway so I thought I should post the printed preview issue for you so you can check out all the updated artwork, hope you enjoy:)

The next page of chapter three is well on the way, I’ve been designing choppers and soldiers and stuff as it’s all about to get a bit gung-ho!

Here’s a chopper for your entertainment while you wait for page 21 which I should be posting by the end of the week.


As always any feedback will be most gratefully appreciated.


Page 20

So I’ve tried another grayscaling technique, well it’s more a progression from the last page really, the only real difference being that I covered the line work and tried to use shadow instead.

Unfortunately in my haste I went over the inks and therefore don’t have an inked version to show, to be fair the inks were pretty sloppy as I did most if not all the detail work once I was using the grays. This will likely be how I progress with this technique.

So I figured as I’ll be colouring the final comic it might be a good time to start trying to work out how to do that then… 😀

So here’s a first attempt at colouring the comic. I’ve used the same colouring technique I tried with the Dr. Sketchy poster and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

What do you think?

Any suggestions or thoughts about the page and/ or the colour will be most appreciated.



And now for something completely different!!

I was asked to do a poster for Dr. Sketchy Wellington and here’s the result:

This is first time I’ve coloured my grayscale work so any helpful advice and suggestions would be most welcome as once the comic is done I’ll be colouring it for publication.



Chapter 3 begins!

The bad guys are in town!!

So this is the first page of chapter 3 and the introduction, via flashback, of the really bad guys.

Drawing baddies is so much fun:)

So I’ve started gray scaling in a more painterly way which seems like a natural progression from the previous pages. As my knowledge of this style grows over the coming chapter hopefully the images will improve too:)

Let me know what you think.



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