Chapter 4 Begins!!

Okay, so welcome to page 28 and the begin of chapter 4.

Here we have Robbie/ Libby, having jumped out the chopper at the end of chapter 3, landing in the lab.

Now I’m not completely certain which composition to go for, so if have any preference or suggestions please let me know.



Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is all done and dusted!

It took a little longer than I’d hoped, but I got all the artwork updated and I think it was the extra time and effort, here’s a before and after example for you:

So here it is:

If you spot any spelling mistakes or general alterations you think might help improve things please let me know in the comments below.

Please share with anyone you know who might enjoy it:)




Here we see Robbie jumping out of the chopper ready to kick some ass!!

This is the final page of Chapter 3, over the next couple of weeks I’ll be updating the artwork and doing the lettering in time for the next post… hopefully 😀

Please post any comment below!



Page 26

Seems the gassing didn’t work, uh-oh… over the main image there’ll be ongoing chatter from the soldiers with frame 2 showing Libby shocked at what she’s hearing. As she’s remotely controlling Robbie we then see her telling the chopper pilot to get her in to the action in the final frame.

The next page will the last of chapter 3, once that’s done I’ll be going over the artwork from the chapter and putting in the lettering.

Hope you like the new page, any thoughts or suggestions please post below.



Hello 2013!!

So after a month away I’ve been feverishly working on the next page for the past couple of weeks, and here it is!!:

In this page we see The East Group gassing  their experiment and The Company’s soldier trying to take the lab assistant into custody and then killing him once fired upon.

I really enjoyed drawing this page and while it has taken longer with the extra detail and stylised smoke I feel it’s been worth it.

I’d be interested to get your thought’s on the new page so please leave any comments below.



It’s alive… it’s live!!!

Here’s the page for you, we have the East Group running their experiment and it not going quite as well as they’d hoped.


I’m away for a bit over the holiday period so Merry Christmas and Happy New year:)

I look forward to posting the next page in 2013:)



Dr. Sketchy!!

Gavin Mouldey over at Dittybox has been a bit busy becoming a daddy so he asked me to fill in with this months Dr. Sketchy Wellington poster.

As we all know, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without pole dancers, so if you’re in Wellington on Sat 8th Dec come down to Mighty Mighty for some seasonal pole dancing and sketchy goodness:)


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