Exhibition Time!!

For the last few weeks I’ve been working away like a crazy person getting a selection of prints and a comic book put together for a show!! Hot damn he’s having a bleedin’ show!!

Gavin Mouldey at Dittybox has kindly invited me to join him for a comic book based exhibition at his gallery in Island Bay.

As such he and I, under the cunning pseudonym ‘Robo-Squid Inc.’ will be hosting our exhibition opening at Dittybox Gallery, between 5-7pm Saturday 25th May.

Here’s the exhibition poster for you to feast your eyes upon:


And here’s an example of one of my prints that you’ll be able to view:


The prints I’m showing are all limited editions and will be available to purchase on the night and through http://www.comicbookproject.net after the show.

There will be wine and cheese/ nibble things available, though I would recommend getting there early if you want any wine as I know a few people coming that will no doubt turn up with a straw and demand a bottle… you know who you are… and to be fair Gav and I will probably have worked our way through the majority of it before anyone gets there anyway 🙂

Here’s the Facebook page for the exhibition that has some additional info :


I look forward to seeing you there!



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