Double Page of Gore!

Having landed in the lab Libby now takes in the view, the bad guys have gone but the maid is gonna be pissed! 🙂

If you have any comments about the comic so far or are interested in getting some illustration work done by me, post below or use the contact button above.

Feedback is always appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Double Page of Gore!

  1. Looks great.

    There’s a lot of glass removed, but I can’t see the shards anywhere on the floor or poking into people. also, the head of Robbie is disappearing into the bgnd on the main pic. Perhaps if there was a bit of a light grey haze over the distant view, so only Robbie was in full black, more in silhouette with just some edge highlighting on his head and shoulders? The contrast and black levels are the same from fgnd to far bgnd, so the depth is getting a bit confused. You had a good start to the lighting in the rough pencils.

    The details of course are well rendered.

    • Glass shards!! Damn it I knew I’d miss something haha nice spot mate, I’ll remember to update at the end of the chapter;)
      I’ll have to lighten the back around Robbie a bit, there is a bit of a haze going on but maybe not enough.
      Thanks again mate.

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