Page 26

Seems the gassing didn’t work, uh-oh… over the main image there’ll be ongoing chatter from the soldiers with frame 2 showing Libby shocked at what she’s hearing. As she’s remotely controlling Robbie we then see her telling the chopper pilot to get her in to the action in the final frame.

The next page will the last of chapter 3, once that’s done I’ll be going over the artwork from the chapter and putting in the lettering.

Hope you like the new page, any thoughts or suggestions please post below.



One thought on “Page 26

  1. Looks great. There’s a tangent created that is bugging me a little bit where the tip of his thumb meets the lines of the edge of the face. Feel like it needs either a total overlap, or a gap. At the mo it looks like you’ve tried to skirt his bubbly jawline around the edge of his thumb. Also, maybe a hint of fingerprint on the glass would be nice, where the finger’s touching.

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