Bellypoppers and updates!

So I’ve recently redone the artwork for the first chapter up to standard with the second and printed of a couple of copies to see how this thing will look and feel as an actual comic/ graphic novel. Gotta say it feels great actually having a copy in hand rather than reading everything on a screen… nice! It’s really given me a lift about this project and a wanting to get stuck right in, not that there was any lack of enthusiasm of course, now there’s just a shed load more:)

Here’s an example of the updated artwork:


Anyway so I thought I should post the printed preview issue for you so you can check out all the updated artwork, hope you enjoy:)

The next page of chapter three is well on the way, I’ve been designing choppers and soldiers and stuff as it’s all about to get a bit gung-ho!

Here’s a chopper for your entertainment while you wait for page 21 which I should be posting by the end of the week.


As always any feedback will be most gratefully appreciated.


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