Page 20

So I’ve tried another grayscaling technique, well it’s more a progression from the last page really, the only real difference being that I covered the line work and tried to use shadow instead.

Unfortunately in my haste I went over the inks and therefore don’t have an inked version to show, to be fair the inks were pretty sloppy as I did most if not all the detail work once I was using the grays. This will likely be how I progress with this technique.

So I figured as I’ll be colouring the final comic it might be a good time to start trying to work out how to do that then… 😀

So here’s a first attempt at colouring the comic. I’ve used the same colouring technique I tried with the Dr. Sketchy poster and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

What do you think?

Any suggestions or thoughts about the page and/ or the colour will be most appreciated.



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