Robbie’s got some bad news!

So here’s the next page for you, page 17 already!! How time flies eh?

Anyway, in this page we see Libby viewing the stored security feed of her fathers death whilst working at The Company. In the script of course this is all being told during the interview but doing pages and pages of people sitting in a room talking would be boring as hell so much like the previous double page I’ve drawn the event.

Hopefully you like what you see, the next page is the final page of the chapter which will be in the interview room to hopefully round things off nicely.

Trying out a slightly different shading technique on the people this time around, while I’m still drawing it in grayscale I’m then adding a soft shadow to try and round things off… not sure how well I’ve managed with it, the best example being the back of Libby’s hand in frame 4, hopefully as I get a bit more to grips with it, it’ll add something to the overall work.

As always any and all comments are most welcome.



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