Double Page Time!

So a slight delay getting this one finished, though as it’s a double page I guess it’s also a week early?!.. hmmm well anyway so I’ve again been experimenting with a few more lighting/ shading bits and bobs, this time incorporating gradients to create depth.

I’ve also been playing around with the ink work a bit, in frame 3 I’ve pretty much dropped it completely only leaving the map inked in parts, and in frame 5 I split the ink work on the pipes into three parts so I could then drop the middle distance to 50% opacity and remove them completely from the background in an attempt to reinforce the sense of distance.

As always any and all feedback is most appreciated, as I try out these various techniques it’s really helpful to hear how successful or not you think they are.

Any alternative options, or ways I might improve upon what I’ve done will be gladly received đŸ™‚



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