To grayscale or not to grayscale?? That is the question!

So I’m pondering the idea of doing the pages ink work in grayscale rather than black line and to be honest I’m not certain whether I should, both options have there merits and frankly I’m at a loss… so here’s the first page done in both (with the pencils so you can see the progression), what do you think? Should I stick to the line work I’ve done so far or would the finished piece look better in gray?

Please post your thoughts in the comment box below.



14 thoughts on “To grayscale or not to grayscale?? That is the question!

  1. Hello Lovely one. I think grey scale gives more depth and form. Do it… you’ll regret not putting in the time later x

    • G’day Darlin’,
      Thanks for airing your thoughts, I’d say you’re definitely right about regretting not giving it a go, I think I may do the entire first chapter in both and then put it to a vote. I like the look of the gray but wonder how it will look on a page of panels rather than a single image?… Watch this space!

  2. I’m gonna go against everyone else and say to go for the black line. The gray looks cool but the line definitely has more of a comic book feel about it!

    • Hey Sean,
      Thanks for the comment mate, you’ve hit my dilemma bang on… While I like the final look of the gray I can’t help but feel it looks too tidy? Photoshopy? As opposed to the old school comic book feel of the line work… It’s a conundrum bud, I appreciate your thoughts šŸ™‚

  3. I like the third one, except the shading on the lab coat – but overall i think that image has more instantaneous impact. x

    • Thanks for your thoughts mate, seems the majority feel the same way too… Damn It…. More work for me hahaha
      You’re right about the coat, i initially did this as a bit of a rush job to see how it might look so I’ll certainly be looking to redo some of it now I know it’s an improvement.

    • Thanks for your comment, the more input I get the easier a decision it’ll be… and getting x’s from anonymous people is always a good thing haha

  4. Like the black line, but love the grey line…just brings out the nuances a lot better! Looks awesome!

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